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Circularity Scotland appointed as Scotland DRS administrator

Mar 25, 2021

It’s official! Circularity Scotland Limited has been appointed to implement and operate Scotland’s new Deposit Return Scheme (DRS). This is a huge step forward for the implementation of the legislation and an indication that things are moving even given the lock down issues.

Circularity Scotland is a not-for-profit body which represents a combination of drinks producers, trade associations and retailers.

The upcoming Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) will require consumers to pay a 20p deposit when they buy a glass bottle, can or PET plastic container. The money is then reimbursed when the empty containers are returned, contributing to a circular economy.

Circularity Scotland will work with companies throughout the supply chain – from producers through to hospitality, wholesalers and retailers – to deliver a system that is expected to collect more than 90% of drinks containers across Scotland.

Find out more at the Circularity Scotland Website here.

We believe that reverse vending machines such as our Recyclever product will be key to businesses implementing the new rules, reducing the management burden and making the process much easier for both the business owners and customers. Trials by a number of large retailers, including Iceland and Boots have proved very effective.

Recyclever is the only RVM to be manufactured here in the UK and promises a wealth of opportunities for retailers and hospitality businesses. 

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