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Engage and Recycle for a Better Planet – Whitepaper

Dec 16, 2020

Engage and Recycle for a Better Planet.

In our latest Whitepaper, “Engage and Recycle for a Better Planet” we look at the value of Reverse Vending, and its implementation even before governments actively force businesses to adopt this kind of technology.


Understand the impact and benefits of early adoption across a range businesses and the advantages of starting early, both from a business/CSR standpoint and for the planet.
Download it here.

The Solution

recyclever® provides an ideal solution for brands that want to ensure they are responsibly recycling their packaging. Reverse vending can helping FMCG businesses to support the circular economy where more of our waste is recycled and reused instead of sent to landfill or left to damage and pollute our environment.

Branded recyclever® machines provide a mechanism to offer consumers to return a specific range of containers in return for a reward. The waste is then sent to a reliable recycling outlet or back to the manufacturer for re-use.

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