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Recycling Aluminium Cans Saves Energy and Natural Resources

Jul 23, 2019

It’s a fact that 100% of the drinks cans produced in the UK are now made from aluminium.
Around 9.5 billion aluminium drinks cans are produced in the UK, 75% of which are recycled.

Source: Recycle More –

The Problem

It is estimated that every household in the UK consumes around 340 aluminium drink cans every year. Each one of these can be recycled back into new drink cans repeatedly.

If all the aluminium cans sold were recycled, there would be around 14 million fewer dustbins emptied into landfill sites every year.

Recycling aluminium cans saves energy and natural resources and aluminium cans if recycled, can be back on the shelf as another can in just 60 days.

We just need more effective ways to allow consumers to recycle aluminium cans particularly when they are on the move, at venues

Source: Wikipedia

The Solution

recyclever® provides the ideal solution to start to support a circular economy where more of our waste is recycled and reused instead of sent to landfill or left to damage and pollute our environment.

Our reverse vending machines provide a mechanism to offer consumers a way to return their single use plastic bottles and aluminium cans in return for a reward. The waste is then sent to a reliable recycling outlet.
The more recyclever® machines available, the better for our environment.

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