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You could be swallowing a credit card’s weight in plastic every week

Some scary facts about plastic pollution:

  • The average person consumes as many as 1,769 particles of plastic every week just by drinking water.
  • Globally we eat the equivalent of a credit card worth of plastic a week!
  • Microplastics have been found in many everyday foods and drinks, such as water, beer, shellfish and salt.

Even though the press is full of coverage on plastic pollution we still produce 330 million metric tons of plastic each year, and this is predicted to triple by 2050.

The reduction of the use of plastics (and especially single use plastics) is a hot topic currently, but the other is their responsible disposal and recycling. Reducing the amount of plastic that is dumped into the environment.

Reverse vending solutions can help support this by incentivising customers to return their plastic containers and ensuring this waste can be responsibly and safely dealt with.

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The Problem

Plastic pollution is becoming a major issue, not only in the UK but Worldwide.  Some plastic is good as it can be recycled and reused, however the main concern is single use plastic which is used only once and then discarded and is resistant to many natural processes of degradation.

It is estimated that 1.1 to 8.8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean from costal communities each year with a huge adverse impact on wildlife and consequently on humans.

By 2050 some researchers suggest there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by weight.

We need to act now to help make a difference for everyone and the future of our planet.

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The Solution

recyclever® provides the ideal solution to start to support a circular economy.

Our reverse vending machines provide a mechanism to offer consumers a way to return their single use plastic bottles and aluminium cans in return for a reward.

Not only will this support the war on plastic, it will encourage consumer loyalty, increase footfall and generate revenue.

A win, win for everyone.

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