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recyclever® reverse vending specifications

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Features in more detail

Standard features (all models)

Retail Friendly Dimensions

With a standard size of 1000mm wide, 700mm deep and 1900mm high, we made it easy to retrofit reverse vending machines into retail stores. We adopted two opening doors so that even narrow aisles would not be a problem.

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Wheels and Levellers

recyclever® is extremely easy to move around thanks to durable, swivel castors, guaranteeing maximum flexibility. A leveller is integrated with the wheel so that, when in position, the machine can sit securely without moving.

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Wheelie Bin

A wheelie bin to collect containers comes with every machine. It is fitted with strong castors for easy emptying.  Our unique ‘open frame’ design makes extracting the wheelie bin extremely easy.

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Barcode Reader

Our unique barcode reader is integrated in the feeder system. Recognition is faster if the barcode is placed facing up, but don’t worry, the machine will still read the code by rotating the container.

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Scale Reader

A weight check is completed on every container to avoid accepting bottles and cans which are not empty. Thanks to our state of the art technology, the check only takes a split second.

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End of Session Hardware Button

After the first container is accepted, the Illuminated Hardware end of session button can be pressed at any time.

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Voucher Printer

At the end of the session, a voucher is printed.  recyclever® can be programmed to add a barcode to the voucher which can be redeemed at the till.  It is also possible for other marketing messages to be added to the voucher such as special offers and discounts which can enhance loyalty and add further value to having a reverse vending machine.

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Fill Sensor

The integrated capacity sensors detect when the machine is full, and the bag needs emptying.  When triggered, it will still allow the current sessions to end, the warning message will then appear on the OS Touch Screen.

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Marketing Screen with Media Box

The 49″ Portrait Full HD screen is available to stream videos and pictures. A great advertising tool for either the retailer or their suppliers. When the machine is switched on, the auto loop will begin. Files can be updated easily via a USB stick.

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OS Touch Screen

The touch screen on the right of the machine, in landscape mode, interacts with the user. It features instantaneous messages about the operational features. It allows access to the inner machine system via a secure PIN, for authorised personnel only.

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Optional features

Larger Size

To allow for more storage, the machine is also available in a larger size. Width 1200mm and Depth 1000mm.

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The compactor crushes the containers and destroys the bar code to guarantee anti-fraud protection and the same container cannot then be rewarded more than once. It will also increase the machine storage capacity, allowing around 800 containers to be collected in the machine before it needs emptying.

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Add an improved interaction with the user: speakers will deliver a more immersive experience.

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Having a Wi-Fi or a 4G connection will allow secure remote access to the machine.  This will provide the ability to change barcode databases, download history logs and update the media content for the marketing screen.

The machine will send an alert to the owner when it is full and needs emptying. However this will only happen when 4G/Wi-Fi installed.

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Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor is recommended for high end marketing applications.  The screen would then interact and change behaviour only when consumers walk by the machine, attracting attention.

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Camera and Motion Sensor

For security reasons, a camera can be fitted to record behaviour around the machine and even connected to a motion sensor to trigger a recording.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure GDPR compliance to allow to the collection of personal data in the form of an image.

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Card Reader

Make rewarding even easier:  A Credit/Debit card reader would allow rewards to go straight into the consumers’ bank account, which could be more appealing than vouchers.

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