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Buy, lease or rent your reverse vending machine.

At recyclever® being innovative means making it possible to recycle more and enhance the inclusive circular economy.  We thought of all elements that decision makers will have to consider and we prepared different commercial ways to deploy RVMs. 

Choose how you buy your reverse vending machine,
based on your needs and what suits you.

Depending on the type of business you represent, the targets you want to achieve and the practical aspects of your deployment of reverse vending machines, we would recommend either Owning, Leasing or Renting.  There are different advantages in each scenario involving overall cost of ownership and tax implications. The the reverse vending machine will require servicing from your staff for the most basic needs, and we offer optional maintenance, emptying and recycling services.

Options available


Buy the reverse vending machine outright from day 1.  You will receive a VAT invoice and as it is a capital expenditure you can consider capital asset finance.  Bolt on services like regular maintenance visits or on call visits can be organised outside the sale and purchase agreement.


Deploy the reverse vending machine (s) with a leasing agreement.  It can be set up over 2, 3, 4 or 5 years to spread the cost and your project starts by just paying monthly fees.  You will be responsible for ensuring the RVMs are kept in good working order.  Bolt on services like regular maintenance visits or on call visits can be organised outside the leasing arrangement.

Not available outside the UK


If your container collection activities are time limited and connected to specific events, why not rent your reverse vending machine?  Our service will include delivery and collection.  You will be responsible for keeping them in good working order. The servicing elements are available pending availability of machines.

Not available outside the UK

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