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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use a Reverse Vending Machine?
To collect empty recyclable containers in an efficient and controlled way. recyclever® believe in a circular economy, so that the same plastic and aluminium can be re-used time and again. The use of Reverse Vending Machines, especially in conjunction with a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) increases the number of containers which are recycled and therefore less end their life in landfill and oceans.
What is a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)?
It sees consumers pay an up-front deposit when they buy a drink, which is redeemed on return of the empty drink container.

This is often done through a network of ‘reverse vending machines’, where you insert your plastic or glass bottle or can and the machine returns your money. Once a bottle is returned, businesses are then responsible for making sure they are effectively recycled – a move that has led to a 97% recycling rate in Germany.

What does a Reverse Vending Machine do?
It allows a consumer to return empty recyclable containers. Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines read the barcode, to check it can be accepted, check the weight to ensure it is empty, then compact the container to maximise space and destroys the bar code to avoid fraud. Using Recyclever® Reverse Vending Machines allows retailers to be clever as it prints vouchers to instigate a circular economy.
What containers does recyclever® accept?
Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines accept PET bottles, Aluminium cans, up to 2 litre capacity. No glass or HDPE milk or bleach containers. The machines can be programmed to accept any barcode or specific barcodes as required.
How quick is the recyclever® machine and how many containers can it hold?
Recyclever® reverse vending machines can accept approximately 20 containers a minute and depending on size and if the machine has a compactor. It can store between 500 to 800 containers before it needs emptying.
Why are barcode scanners important?
Barcode scanners allow the Reverse Vending Machine to be selective in accepting containers. It can be programmed to accept only those where a deposit was paid or those sold in specific stores or vending machines who are entitled to a voucher.
Does recyclever® reject bottles which contain fluid and what happens if my products are not accepted by the machine?
Bottles which contain liquid are too heavy and the machine will recognise and reject them until they are emptied. recyclever® will weigh, scan and review the product and if it is not within the defined scope of what the machine will accept, it will return the product to the customer for another means of disposal.
Why is a compactor beneficial?
A compactor squashes PET bottles and aluminium cans, destroying the bar code.  This prevents the same container being used to obtain another voucher and is an important anti-fraud feature. recyclever® will hold between 500 to 800 compacted containers, so the machine has to be emptied less frequently. Without a compactor, the machine storage capacity reduces to less than a third.
Is it safe to operate?
recyclever® reverse vending machines have inbuilt safety sensors. If a user puts their arm too far into the machine, it will automatically shut down and relay a message on the screen.
If I purchase a drinks bottle or can from one retailer, could I return it to a recyclever®machine in another retailer?
This depends if there is a Deposit Return Scheme in place in that area. All DRS schemes allow a container to be purchased in a shop and returned into another. Without a DRS scheme, it is the retailers/operator’s choice. recyclever® can be set up to accept certain bar codes which are relevant to the retailer, so you would need to return them back to the store where you purchased them from unless the retailer has coded the machine to accept other codes. In this case the retailer would increase footfall massively by attracting consumers from other stores, increasing both responsible behaviour and sales.
How much does a Reverse Vending Machine reward users for using it?
This depends on how it is set up. If it is with a Deposit Return Scheme, the figure is decided at Government level. Otherwise, the retailer or owner of the machine decides the value.  The value could be credited to any container or just those sold by that specific retailer.
How much does recyclever® cost?
recyclever® reverse vending machines are very competitively priced. We understand the global need to have every plastic and Aluminium container falling inside a comprehensive circular economy. Our manufacturing makes it extremely affordable, so more can be done to achieve the ultimate goal of circularity.
Why should we adopt a Reverse Vending Machine?
To help reduce plastic and aluminium waste. It also depends if there is a Deposit Return Scheme in your area. Check this link for more info.
Can you customise the machine and work together on a project?
Yes. At recyclever® we want to listen to your needs, customise the solution that works for you and helps to save the planet.
Can recyclever® be installed outside ?
The reverse vending machines are specifically designed for interior installation, however, they can be placed under a canopy for protection outside
What does recyclever® need to work?
An AC 240V socket, Voucher Printer Paper, Recycling Bags. Regular emptying and occasional cleaning
Why choose recyclever®?
The machine is compact and fits easily in retail and entertainment spaces. With a very competitive priced unit, everyone can recycle more. The large marketing screen makes the most of the allocated floor space.
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