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 Let’s Teach Your Students 

 To Recycle More 















 Is Your School Recycling Enough?











 We Don’t Just Manufacture Reverse Vending Machines  

 We Care About Students Learning To Recycle More  



 * The only UK made RVM  
 * Ready for DRS in Scotland in 2021  
 * Ready for DRS in the rest of the UK in 2023  
 * Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy 

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Reverse Vending Machine
Software for Deposit Systems
Compactor to Reduce Cost (Empty less frequently)
Easy To Empty Bin (Very Easy To Be Used By School Staff)
Screen For Communications (Streaming Media)
Maintained Without Fuss






 “Our experience with Recyclever has been incredible. 

We  worked with their enthusiastic team and engaged with 

 thousands of students. Educating them on recycling.” 

 – Citibank 







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