Recyclever - Reverse Vending Machine

Facilities Management

As the profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology, Facility Management Teams are keen to embrace new innovative methods to deliver positive environmental results.


Benefits to Facility Management Teams

  • Improved Health and Safety
    Cleanness of a site is a crucial factor for health and safety. Drinks bottles and cans can become a hazard when they are left on the floor or discarded in racking or various other hidden places. Adopting reverse vending machines will help guarantee containers are all collected and compacted in a safe and clean location.
  • Clean Shop Floor
    Waste plastic bottles and aluminium drinks cans disposed of responsibly will lead the way to maximum efficiency.
  • Lower Operational Costs & Less Bins
    How quickly do your bins fill up and what’s the cost of emptying them? It is time consuming and expensive to dispose of refuse and often containers are piled up near bins. recyclever® reverse vending machines come with a compactor that optimises the volume, so less time spent disposing of full bins.
  • Sell more bottles from internal vending machines.
    Our reverse vending machines have a barcode recognition system and can be programmed to collect only containers which have been sold by the installed vending machines. Loyalty vouchers can then be issued to create your own internal deposit return scheme.


Why choose recyclever® RVM?

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
    Raises their profile in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and protecting the environment
  2. A bespoke RVM for you
    Although standard machines are available, recyclever® can design your customised machine. Specially created to meet your exact needs.
  3. Pre-programmed
    Our RVM’s can be tailored to recognise barcodes or shapes and only accept selected containers.
  4. Much more than Plastic & Aluminium Recycling
    recyclever® can be expanded into accepting other products to suit business needs.
  5. Take the lead
    Lead the way with innovative technology for a cleaner, happier environment for everyone.

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