Recyclever - Reverse Vending Machine

Local Authorities

The UK local authorities are responsible for the provision of an extensive range of services such as education, strategic planning and waste management and therefore have a vested interest in improving recycling for everyone.

With the UK Government supporting return deposit schemes, recyclever® reverse vending machines offer the ideal solution.


Benefits to Local Authorities

  • Supporting Green Initiatives
    Clean council’s environment
  • Encourages responsible recycling
    Increases quantity of waste collected and sent to be reused
  • Reduced operational costs
    Less litter to be cleared
  • Incentivise residents to recycle
    Possible connection to refuse collection fee
  • Partnership with local retailers
    Cross incentives for citizens, and integration with the sustainability cycle 


Why choose recyclever® RVM?

  1. Match and surpass residents expectations
    Raises their profile in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and protecting the environment
  2. A bespoke RVM for you
    Although standard machines are available, recyclever® can design your customised machine.  Specially created to meet your exact needs.
  3. Pre-programmed
    Our RVM’s can be tailored to recognise barcodes or shapes and only accept selected containers.
  4. Much more than Plastic & Aluminium Recycling
    recyclever® can be expanded into accepting other products to suit business needs.
  5. Take the lead
    Lead the way with innovative technology and be prepared for when the Return Deposit Scheme is adopted.

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